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INCI: Zinc

What is Zinc?

"Zinc" is a chemical element with the symbol "Zn". It appears as a bluish-silvery element in its pure form and has a wide variety of uses, such as in making alloys, rubber, and plastics. It is also an essential element required for many processes in the human body. Zinc is obtained from natural sources such as green leafy vegetables, chicken, red meat, and cereals.

Use & Benefits:

Oral Zinc:
Commonly used to cure colds

Cosmetic and Personal Care Products:
Used in numerous forms
Functions mainly as an astringent
Reduces the secretion of excess oils from the skin
Constricts the pores of the skin
Keeps the skin free of dust and dirt
Helps to prevent infections and skin redness
Evens out the skin tone and brightens it up

Bodily Metabolic Reactions:
Zinc is a precursor to many metabolic reactions in the body

Topical Application:
May help replenish Zinc to some extent
The skin may benefit from topical application

Mouthwashes, Toothpaste, and Skincare Products:
Zinc is used in the formulations of these products

Wound Healing:
Zinc is used in treating wound healing

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