Zinc carbonate


INCI: Zinc carbonate

What is Zinc carbonate?

Zinc carbonate is a white crystalline powder formed by reacting zinc with carbonic acid. It has the chemical formula ZnCO3. Zinc carbonate occurs naturally as the mineral smithsonite or zinc spar. This compound is insoluble in water and is mainly used to form other zinc salts.

Use & Benefits:

Opacifier and skin protectant: Zinc carbonate is used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products. It is used as an opacifier and skin protectant.

Brightening agent: Zinc carbonate is used in formulations that are transparent or translucent. It prevents light from transmitting and gives brightness and whiteness to the product.

Enhances appearance: Zinc carbonate provides a creamy, soft, luxurious, and pleasant appearance to the product.

Barrier function: Zinc carbonate, when used, forms a barrier on the surface of the skin and prevents water loss.
Protects skin: It protects the skin from harmful toxins and other environmental agents and gives it a soft and smooth appearance.

Versatile ingredient: Zinc carbonate is used in the formulations of creams, lotions, baths, and makeup products.

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