Zea mays starch

Zea mays starch(Cornstarch)

INCI: Zea mays starch

What is Zea mays starch?

A white/yellowish soft powder that is derived from grinding dry seed cobs. 

Use & Benefits

Used in emulsions (lotions, hair masks) for a smooth application.  It can be used in mineral makeup; powder foundations, as it has some mattifying benefits to help with greasiness, beneficial to oily skin and used in eyeshadows.

An alternative to Talc. Talc is a clay mineral found in cosmetics such as loose powders acting as an absorbent/mattifying agent. Zea Mays Starch absorbs oils better, gives efficient spreadability of products resulting in a non-caking and used as a thickening agent. The compatibility with other ingredients is significant, allowing for wider use in cosmetics. Typical concentration of Zea Mays Starch is 1-99%, For lotions 1-3%.

Can also be used as an exfoliator to remove dead skin from the surface, to reveal clean smooth skin.

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