Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide

INCI: Titanium dioxide (CI 77891)

What is Titanium dioxide?

A metal oxide, that is is used as a colorant in color cosmetics which is noted by CI 77891.

It is also an opacifying agent and an essential part of sunscreen as it is a good UV absorber.

Use & Benefits

Provides excellent UV ray protection in physical sunscreens along with Zinc oxide. It has the ability to reflect and scatter UV rays from the skin surface preventing it from reaching further into the skin layers such as the dermis where it can damage collagen fibers and elastin. This damage can cause the skin to look thinner and less plump while also creating fine lines, dark spots, and sagging skin. Damage to the skin leads to loss of the ability to snap back into its shape due to the lack of elastin and collagen hence sagging.

Because it is a natural mineral, it's used as a safer option than synthetic sunscreen blockers. This reduces the risk of irritation and better option for sensitive skin. It can even be used on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Titanium is sometimes micronized for an aesthetic purpose as it usually can create a white, purple/blue tint to the faced depending on skin tone. Thus, making it not appealing but ultimately by it being micronized, it allows for better distribution of the product on the skin and possibly better UV protection. The micronized particles are coated protecting it from interacting with other ingredients in the presence of sunlight, therefore, stabilizing the product. The micronized particles, when applied on the skin in the sunscreen, won’t leave an undesirable cast on the face.

Although the micronized particles are aesthetically better, they may not be as safe as the natural size titanium dioxide. This is because sensitive skin can react to the coating on the particles and cause irritation. Therefore it is much safer to use the natural size sun blockers.

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