Symphytum officinale leaf extract


INCI: Symphytum officinale leaf extract

What is Symphytum officinale leaf extract or Knit bone?

Comfrey also called knit bone, is a historically well-known plant famous for its medicinal values. In ancient times it was considered as a broken bone’s repairer. Nowadays also for sports injuries/ sprains/bruises, it is used for its healing abilities. It is indigenous to Europe and found in all the temperate regions of the world.
The main active constituent of an extract of this plant is allantoin. It is considered as a natural cell-proliferant and can help repair damaged and wounded tissues much faster. Rosemarinic acid and phenolic acids are also amongst other important constituents, which are helpful as an anti-inflammatory. The root extract contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are if taken internally can damage liver but topically they are safe.   

Use & Benefits

The root and leaf extract except for form few constituents, does not differ much. They are used as an anti-inflammatory, helps soothe any kind of inflammation on the skin, so it makes skin calm and smooth. Allantoin, as mentioned earlier, can heal the wounded or damaged skin, so in many preparations, the extract can be used as a healing agent. When applied on the skin, it can loosen the dead skin cells attached on the skin surface and helps to clear it from the skin surface. It removes any other attached micro-organism related protein from the skin surface by astringent action. It also moisturizes the skin; it retains the skin’s moisture level and does not let it dry. It is used in hair care and skin care, also, some shaving products contain it.

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