Sodium myreth sulfate


INCI: Sodium myreth sulfate

What is Sodium myreth sulfate?

Sodium myreth sulfate is an organic compound formed by ethoxylation of myristyl alcohol. It is a pale yellow liquid used in almost all types of personal care products.

Use & Benefits:

Functions as a surfactant, cleansing, foaming, and emulsifying agent
Improves solubility of the base solvent, allowing it to hold more of other components

Composed of two strong but opposite chemical portions - one is water-loving and the rest of it is oil-loving

Cleansing agent: oil-loving portion grabs all dirt/grime from the skin or hair, while the water-loving parts detach from the skin/hair surface and pull into a water stream to get discarded

Emulsifier: binds the oil-loving active along and makes a tiny globule which is then evenly distributed throughout the water-based solvent in such a manner that the emulsion starts looking like a milky appearance, creating a highly stable emulsion
Used in shampoos, conditioners, bath treatments, facial care, and cleansing products

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