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INCI: Sodium citrate

What is Sodium citrate?

Sodium citrate is the sodium salt of citric acid. It is a white, crystalline powder that is freely soluble in water. Citric acid is an organic acid that occurs naturally in both plants and animals. It was first isolated in 1784 by chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele from lemon juice.

Use & Benefits:

Function as buffering agent and preservative:
•    Sodium citrate is used in a variety of cosmetic products as a buffering agent and preservative.

Maintain normal pH balance of the skin:
•    The pH of the skin is slightly acidic, known as the acidic mantle, and is maintained by the sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and natural flora of the skin.
•    Sodium citrate helps to maintain the normal pH balance of the skin and prevents detrimental effects such as itching and depletion of vital lipids from the skin.
•    pH adjusters or buffers maintain this pH balance of the product and avoid the skin’s pH from shifting too far from the normal one.

Reduce premature aging and skin irritation:
•    Sodium citrate helps in reducing premature aging and irritation of the skin.

Increase the shelf life of cosmetic products:
•    As a preservative, it inhibits the growth of molds, fungus, or bacteria in the product.
•    It increases the shelf life of the product so that the aroma, taste, and cosmetics themselves can be stored for a longer period of time.
•    It protects the product from getting deteriorated with time.

Used in a variety of cosmetic products:
•    Sodium citrate is used in the formulations of creams, lotions, gels, make-up products, shampoos, conditioners, hair styling, and other skincare products.

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