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INCI: Sodium bisulfite

What is Sodium bisulfite?

Sodium bisulfite is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NaHSO3. It is composed of sodium and bisulfite ions. It is a white solid compound with the odor of sulfur dioxide. It is commonly used as a preservative in food and beverages and also as a reducing agent to prevent corrosion of water pipes.

Use & Benefits:

Antioxidant: Sodium bisulfite is used in cosmetic products to scavenge free radicals caused by environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, and other hazardous chemicals. These free radicals break down collagen, which can cause inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and dark spots on the skin. Antioxidants reduce these visible signs of aging, brighten the skin, increase collagen synthesis, and improve skin health and youthfulness.

Preservative: Sodium bisulfite inhibits the growth of molds, fungus, and bacteria in cosmetic products, increasing their shelf life. This helps to preserve the aroma, taste, and quality of the product over a longer period of time.

Reducing Agent: Sodium bisulfite is used as a reducing agent to prevent corrosion of metallic containers used in packaging cosmetic products. This protects the integrity of the product and helps to maintain its quality over time.

Versatile Use: Sodium bisulfite can be found in a variety of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, gels, makeup, hair styling products, and other skin and hair care products.

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