INCI: Simethicone

What is Simethicone?

Simethicone is a mixture of silica and dimethylpolysiloxane. It is a gray, viscous liquid used in cosmetic and personal care products.

Use & Benefits:

Anti-foaming agent: Simethicone reduces surface tension and minimizes the formation of foam.

Viscosity control: Simethicone controls the viscosity of the product, causing the formation of a gel when it is kept still for longer periods of time.
Improved flow: Simethicone allows the product to flow easily out of the container, as in the case of hair gels or toothpastes.

Emollient: The dimethicone present in the ingredient forms a thin film on the hair and acts as an emollient, giving shine and gloss to the hair.
Versatile use: Simethicone is used in the formulation of a variety of cosmetic products such as bath products, skin care, and hair care products.

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