Silybum marianum extract


INCI: Silybum marianum extract

What is Silybum marianum extract?

Milk thistle or lady’s thistle is a thorny plant since it has white veins, it is called milk thistle. Stem, fruit, and seeds are of medicinal value. It is native to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. The active ingredient in milk thistle extract is flavonolignans- such as Siliymarin, polyphenolic compounds, fatty acid, betain, epigenin, silybonol protein, and fixed oil.

Use & Benefits

As mentioned earlier it contains a constituent called Silymarin, which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Any kind of oxidative stress or stress caused by environmental free radicals may create an imbalance in skin’s structure and functions. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles start showing up. Sometimes acne also becomes one of the skin problems because of the same or other reason. So, when an antioxidant comes in contact with skin, it helps fight free radicals and helps heal any inflammation, it gives skin a cooling effect and also heals recurrent acne problem. When applied on skin in any form it also helps with saggy skin, it prevents premature aging of skin, as well as delays aging signs like fine lines, deep wrinkles, crows’ feet. It can be used in ace preparations, anti-aging creams and also in skincare, haircare formulations and toiletries.


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