Sensitive Skin

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No more buying mere moisturizers!

Sensitive skin is a world, and each one reacts to different ingredients.

For this reason, most "sensitive skin creams" do not include any treatment active ingredients (or, if they do, they are very mild and in low concentration).

Therefore, most of them are mere moisturizers, thus ensuring that they are compatible with almost all sensitive skin.

Advantages of Lesielle for Sensitive Skin

Special Bases and Actives for Sensitive Skin 

At Lesielle you will find a range of specific bases for sensitive skin, with ingredients such as Bisabolol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin...

In addition, we have classified the assets according to their degree of softness to help you choose.

Fragrance out!

We have eliminated Fragrance from our formulations to further reduce allergies.

"Patch Test": tests each component separately

Thanks to the Isolated Formulation™️, Each person can test the actives and bases individually and use only those that are compatible with their skin.

In addition, each asset is classified according to its degree of softness to help you choose.

Create your advanced treatment for Sensitive Skin!

With Lesielle, a new path is opened, as each person can test each component separately and use only those compatible with their skin.

We show you how to create your advanced treatment for sensitive skin:

First, we choose the Base
01: Choose your skin type within the Sensitive Range info
02:Choose the texture your favorite
03: Choose the ingredient source info
04: Choose if you want Sun Protection
Then, we choose up to 4 actives

Choose up to 4 active ingredients depending on what you want to treat:

We have classified the active ingredients according to their level of compatibility with sensitive skin. We still recommend that you try them out one by one to use those that are 100% compatible with your skin.

Compatibility of actives with Sensitive Skins:

Name of Actives
Alta :D Okay :|
Bad :(
Retinol (Vitamina A) - 0.3%
Retinol (Vitamina A) - 2%
Niacinamida (Vitamina B3) - 20%
Lifting Effect - 14%
Peptides - 0.2%
Vitamina E - 10%
Resveratrol - 2%
Vitamin C - 12%
Ferulic Acid - 2%
Aloe Vera - 200%
Antipollution - 4.5%
Argan Oil - 95%
Hyaluronic Acid - 2%
Salicylic acid - 4%
Glycolic Acid - 10%
Bisabolol - 4%
We put them in the Lesielle S, press the button... And that's it!

1º: Enter up to 4 actives

2º: Place the base

3º: Press the button and pick up the cream

If you think it's complicated, we'll make it easy for you!

Adapt it to the changes in your skin

But... What if your skin changes?
If it's already difficult to find your perfect cream, imagine looking for several for when your skin changes. With Lesielle you don't have to! Change base and/or active ingredients and you will have a new cream when you need it.
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