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INCI: Scutellaria baicalensis extract

What is Scutellaria baicalensis extract?

Scutellaria baicalensis extract is obtained from the roots of the plant Scutellaria baicalensis, also commonly called Baikal skullcap or Chinese skullcap. The plant is an herb native to China, Korea, Mongolia, and some parts of Russia and Siberia, and is a flowering plant of the family Lamiaceae used traditionally in Chinese medicine. The extract from its roots consists of compounds such as baicalein, baicalin, and beta-sitosterol.

Use & Benefits:

Function in cosmetic products: Scutellaria baicalensis extract functions as an astringent, humectant, soothing, and antimicrobial agent.

Humectant property: It draws water from water vapor present in the air and moisturizes the skin. It can be used on all skin types, particularly normal and mildly dry skin, helping to retain moisture and enhance the skin's water retention capacity.

Shedding dead cells and preventing infections: It also aids in shedding dead cells from the skin and protects it from infections such as acne, making the skin appear more soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Astringent property: As an astringent, it reduces and constricts the pores of the skin, reduces excess oil secretion and redness, and keeps skin free of dust and dirt, helping to prevent infections.

Brightening effect: It brightens up the skin and makes it even-toned.

Antimicrobial property: Its antimicrobial property keeps skin and hair free of infections such as acne, eczema, and dandruff.

Soothing and hydrating properties: It soothes the skin and also keeps hair hydrated.

Antioxidant property: It is also known to possess antioxidant properties that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots on the skin.
Scutellaria baicalensis extract is used in the formulations of creams, lotions, gels, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, perfumes, and other skin and hair care products.

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