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INCI: Sclareolide

What is Sclareolide?

Sclareolide is a sesquiterpene lactone obtained from natural sources such as Salvia sclera, or clary sage. The oil extracted from this biennial plant consists of compounds like sclareol, which gets converted to Sclareolide

Use & Benefits:

Skin Conditioning: Sclareolide is commonly used in many cosmetic products as a skin conditioning agent. When applied to the skin surface or hair shaft, it forms a protective mesh-like layer that traps moisture within the layer, preventing it from escaping. This retained moisture becomes readily available for the skin, making it particularly useful for dry skin types that require immediate relief from a conditioning agent.

Moisturizing: Properly moisturized skin is important because well-hydrated cells stay firm and maintain a tighter meshwork due to the presence of moisture, resulting in a firmer and smoother appearance.

Fragrance: Sclareolide has a characteristic fragrance that is used in perfumes and as a masking agent in various products. It helps mask the undesirable smell of other ingredients in a product.

Hair Care: Sclareolide is used in formulations of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.

Skincare: Sclareolide is used in various skincare products, including sun care products.

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