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INCI: Saxifraga sarmentosa extract

What is Saxifraga sarmentosa extract?

Saxifraga sarmentosa extract is obtained from the plant Saxifraga sarmentosa, commonly called creeping saxifraga or creeping rockfoil. The plant is native to Korea, Japan, and China and is a perennial herb mainly used as an ornamental plant due to its beautiful white flowers. The leaves of the plant are also used in cooking and herbal medicines.

Use & Benefits:

Function in Cosmetic Products: Saxifraga sarmentosa extract is used in a variety of cosmetic products. The extract obtained from the whole plant functions as an astringent and antioxidant in cosmetic products.

Antioxidant Benefits: An antioxidant is mainly used to make the product less prone to oxygen-induced degradation effects. In the case of the skin, antioxidants act as a shield that protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals may be generated within the body by different metabolic reactions, environmental pollutants, and harmful sun rays. Antioxidants replace themselves and stop the chain reaction of free radicals.

Astringent Benefits: Astringents denature protein and contract skin tissue. They also reduce the size of skin pores by limiting blood flow to them. As a result, the oozing of excess oil can be reduced, and the skin looks clear and tight.

Cosmetic Product Formulations: Saxifraga sarmentosa extract is used in the formulations of facial care, cleansing, and other body care products.

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