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INCI: Sargassum Filipendula Extract

What is Sargassum Filipendula Extract?

Sargassum filipendula extract is obtained from Sargassum filipendula, a brown macroalgae that is distributed throughout temperate and tropical seas such as the Atlantic Ocean, the Arabian Gulf, and the Caribbean Sea. Similar to other members of the group, this algae is a rich source of bioactive compounds such as vitamins, flavonoids, carotenoids, sterols, and terpenoids. It is also an edible seaweed used in traditional cuisines.

Use & Benefits:

 Antioxidant: Sargassum filipendula extract is used in a variety of cosmetic products as an antioxidant agent. The vitamins and flavonoids it contains are antioxidants in nature, which help to reduce oxidative stress and protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory: The terpenoids present in the extract are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. They can help to calm the skin and reduce redness and irritation caused by environmental pollutants and other irritants.

Antibacterial: Sargassum filipendula extract has antibacterial properties that can help to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin. This makes it a useful ingredient in products designed to combat body odor and acne problems.

Rejuvenating: As we age, our bodies start losing vital nutrients, causing our skin to become lifeless, dull, and prematurely aged. When applied topically, the skin is replenished with the vital nutrients contained in the extract, resulting in a recovery from premature aging.

Preservative: The antibacterial properties of the extract are also beneficial for the product as they reduce the need for a preservative. This is because the extract can help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the product, extending its shelf life.

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