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INCI: Rubus villosus fruit extract/ Rubus villosus leaf extract

What is Rubus villosus fruit extract/ Rubus villosus leaf extract?

Rubus villosus is a shrub with woody stems, white-colored flowers, and fruits that resemble blackberries. It is mainly cultivated in the United States of America. The fruits of the plant are edible. The extract is a light to amber-colored liquid. Extracts are obtained from the leaves and roots of the plant. The extract consists of compounds such as tannins and is useful in treating many ailments.

Use & Benefits:

Astringent and Tonic: Rubus villosus extract is used in a variety of cosmetic products as an astringent and tonic. An astringent has the ability to constrict the pores of the skin. This is particularly beneficial for aging skin, since when we age, our pores become enlarged and visible. Additionally, dirt and dust accumulation at a minute level may also lead to infection and irritation of the skin.

Oil Control: Upon constriction of pores, the excess of oil secretion can be reduced to a minimum. This helps to keep the skin looking tighter and reduces redness.

Cleansing: Rubus villosus extract helps to keep the skin free of dust and dirt, which helps to prevent infections.

Skin Brightening: Rubus villosus extract brightens up the skin and makes it even-toned.

Nourishing: Rubus villosus extract nourishes the skin and makes it healthier and more rejuvenated.

Versatile Usage: Rubus villosus extract is used in the formulation of creams, lotions, bath products, and other skin care products.

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