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INCI: Royal jelly extract

What is Royal jelly extract?

Royal jelly is a substance secreted by honeybees to feed larvae and queen bees. It is secreted by glands present in worker bees. It consists of proteins, sugars, fatty acids, and trace amounts of minerals, and is a light to amber-colored liquid. Royal jelly is commercially collected and used as a dietary supplement.

Use & Benefits:

Regenerates and rejuvenates skin cells: Royal jelly is known to contain a variety of beneficial nutrients that nourish the skin, control sebum secretion, and moisturize the skin. The sugars in royal jelly tend to hold moisture, which can be utilized by the skin cells. This is particularly beneficial for dry skin conditions.

Protects against microbial infections: Royal jelly protects the skin from microbial infections like acne.

Possesses anti-inflammatory properties: Royal jelly has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce itchiness, redness, and inflammation in the skin, soothing and calming it.

Has anti-aging properties: Royal jelly reduces fine lines and wrinkles formed due to aging, making the skin look more youthful.

Conditions the skin: Royal jelly conditions the skin, making it healthier and refreshed.

Widely used in cosmetic formulations: Royal jelly is commonly used in the formulations of creams, lotions, gels, sun care, and other skincare products.

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