Rosa eglanteria flower/leaf/stem extract


INCI: Rosa eglanteria flower/leaf/stem extract

What is Rosa eglanteria flower/leaf/stem extract?

Rosa eglanteria is a deciduous shrub with pink/white-colored flowers. It is commonly known as sweet briar or sweetbriar rose. It is mainly cultivated in countries of the Mediterranean basin. There are many varieties of it with colorful flowers. The fruits or hips and flowers are used to obtain extract or oil which is valued for its skin-restoring and healthifying properties.

Use & Benefits:

Functions as a Masking and Skin Regenerating Agent: Rosa eglanteria extract is used in a variety of cosmetic products. It functions as a masking and skin regenerating agent.

Used in Aromatherapy: It is used along with other oils in aromatherapy.

Used as a Base Oil: It is used as a base oil to enhance the bulk of other essential oils which may be potent and in small quantities.

Reduces Scars and Dark Spots: It is known to reduce scars and dark spots from the skin.

Enhances Regeneration of New Cells: It may enhance the regeneration of new cells and help the skin become healthier and rejuvenated.

Exfoliates Skin: The dried powder of the extract is also used to exfoliate skin and remove dead cells from its surface.

Brightens Skin: Exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin, which not only allows fresh skin cells to show up on the surface but also brightens the skin. This way, it may help to make the skin look fresh and younger.

Protects Skin from Infections: It helps to protect the skin from infections like acne.

Used in Various Skincare Products: It is used in the formulations of various skincare products.

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