Ribes Nigrum Seed Oil


INCI: Ribes Nigrum Seed Oil

What is Ribes Nigrum Seed Oil?

Black currant is a woody shrub, native to central and northern Europe and Asia. It is a sweet and sour fruit eaten raw as well as sometimes cooked to get a sweet-sour taste. Black currant oil contains fatty, linoleic and linolenic acid. When applied it is replenishing to the skin, as it may fulfill all the missing constituents. It also contains tocopherol and provitamin A- carotenoids.

Use & Benefits

It helps strengthen skin’s normal barrier functions, because of omega-3 and omega -6 fatty acids it contains. Gamma linolenic acid ( GLA) is believed to be essential for normal skin structure, which is in a higher amount in blackberry. Antioxidant compounds present in blackberry is believed to protect skin from free radical damage. It also has a unique berry aroma, which makes it more acceptable for cosmetic preparations such as facial creams, lipstick, mascara, moisturizers, bath products.

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