Retinyl palmitate

Retinyl palmitate

INCI: Retinyl palmitate

What is Retinyl palmitate?

A form of vitamin A- retinoid.
Retinoids are the number one ingredient for anti-aging skincare.

Use & Benefits

Although retinoic acid is the only form that has a direct biological effect on the skin, it's too irritating. Where as Retinyl palmitate is less irritating, and our body can convert Retinyl palmitate into its active form.
Retinyl palmitate can improve the skin's appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles by initiation proliferation of the epidermis; this promotes new skin at a faster rate. It can also inhibit collagenase, which is responsible for the breakdown of collagen. This increases the abundance of collagen in the skin, revealing more plump, youthful skin.
With the peeling of the stratum corneum, this will help fade dark spots and blemishes while improving the softness of the skin.
Another function of Retinyl palmitate is its antioxidant properties, and this allows it to protect the important protein in the skin; elastin and collagen from free radical damage produced by the Ultraviolet rays from the sun exposure, which weakens the skin leading to dull, saggy skin.
Free radicals can be produced by other means; natural cell degradation, smoking, and pollution.



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