INCI: Quaternium-15.

What is Quaternium-15?

Quaternium-15 is a quaternary ammonium salt prepared by reaction of hexamethylenetetramine and 1,3-dichloropropene. It is a cream-colored powder with a pungent odor. In addition to its use in cosmetic products, it is also used in the formulation of metal cutting fluids, paints, adhesives, and glues.

Use & Benefits:

Quaternium-15 is used in a wide variety of cosmetic products as a surfactant and preservative. As a surfactant, it lowers the surface tension between two components of the product like two liquids or a liquid and a solid. Lower the surface tension, better mixing capability of that particular ingredient.  It contains a water-loving end and fat-loving core in a single molecule. It attracts dirt, oil, and other impurities accumulated on the surface of the skin with an oil-loving end which then can be washed off easily with water via a water-loving end. It also possesses anti-microbial properties. It kills the microorganism and stops them from coming back by stopping reproduction. It inhibits the growth of molds and fungus in cosmetic products.  It is also used as an anti-static agent. It prevents the build of static charge in the product because of its special chemical structure. It is used in formulations of creams, lotions, gels, make-up products, shampoos, baby products, and other skin and hair care products.

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