PVP/Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Ester Tocopherol

PVP/Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Ester Tocopherol

INCI: PVP/Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Ester Tocopherol 

What is PVP/Polycarbamyl Polyglycol Ester Tocopherol?

A Binding agent- used to hold ingredients together.

Film-forming agent- can leave a film on skin, hair or nails

Use & Benefits

Found mostly in hair care products but is used often in skincare products.

When used in moisturizers they leave a smooth feel on the skin due to its water-binding properties. Whereas when used in shampoos or conditioners they can leave a covering over the hair shaft which can be useful for detangling.

Depending on the concentration used, it can be sensitizing to sensitive skin it is best to use a low concentration as this would be generally safe on the skin. 

Can be used alongside other ingredients to bind them together typically in serums, makeup foundations, face and neck products, body care, firming body care, and décolletage. Because of the film, it creates on the skin, it gives a sense to the customer that the product is working. For example, if used as a tightening serum the tight film left behind is an indicator that it works.

The film can also be used to create a barrier on the skin, to prevent water from being lost to the air, which leads to dry skin. The film keeps the skin hydrated for longer. 


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