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INCI: Propylparaben.

What is Propylparaben?

Propylparaben is a propyl ester of alpha-hydroxybenzoic acid. It occurs naturally in many plants, fruits, and vegetables. It is a member of the parabens group of compounds. It is used for the preservation of food items like jams, sauces, drinks, and dairy products in addition to its use in cosmetic products.

Use & Benefits:

Propylparaben functions as a preservative in a wide range of cosmetic products. Cosmetic products like creams and lotions contain various natural extracts. These extracts are very beneficial for the skin but at the same time vulnerable to microbial contamination.  Also, once open products that are used frequently by fingers are susceptible to microbial contamination. Plus, these products are generally stored at room temperature which also stimulates the growth of microbes. Such contamination can lead to product deterioration like foul smell/ breaking of emulsion. When such a contaminated product is unknowingly applied to the skin it may lead to various skin infections. Propylparaben inhibits the growth of microbes and protects the product from deterioration. It adds up shelf life to the product. It is used in formulations of make-up products like lipsticks, bath products, skin cleansing, moisturizing products, and other skin and hair care products.

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Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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