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INCI: Propyl gallate.

What is Propyl gallate?

Propyl gallate or 3, 4, 5 trihydroxybenzoate is an ester formed by reacting gallic acid and propanol. Gallic acid is a type of phenolic acid found in hazel, tea leaves, gallnuts, and other plants. Propanol is a primary alcohol. Propyl gallate is a fine white to light brown powder with a slightly bitter taste. It is generally used as a food additive in addition to its use in cosmetic products.

Use & Benefits:

Propyl gallate functions as an anti-oxidative preservative in cosmetic products. When the product is exposed to air or some other factors like heat, light, and moisture, plus in presence of atmospheric oxygen, it may undergo oxidation. This unfavorable chemical process results in changes in properties like color, viscosity, rancidity, and deterioration of the product. Propyl gallate halts this oxidation reaction and preserves the product from getting deteriorated prematurely. This property thus adds shelf life to the product. Products like creams and lotions which has natural beneficial extracts are susceptible to microbial growth. This is another way a product can lead to deterioration. Propyl gallate also protects the product from such microbial contamination. It is used in formulations of make-up products like lipsticks, bath products, skin cleansing, moisturizing products, and other skincare products.

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