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INCI: Poria cocos extract

What is Poria cocos extract?

Hoelen, also known as Fu-ling in China is a fungus. And sclerotium of the fungus is used as a medicine in China/Japan from centuries. It comes as a pale-yellow powder or golden yellow transparent liquid with water and glycerin. Its sclerotium contains a polysaccharide pachyman and triterpenes.

Use & Benefits:

Hoelen extract is antioxidant in nature, it fights against free radicals and makes it in-effective to exert a detrimental effect on skin structural proteins. Therefore, no further reducing damage to the skin upon regular usage.  The poria cocos itself and the extract produce anti-inflammatory effect both internally as well as externally and used for the same purpose from centuries. Irritated, dry and red skin can be soothed when the extract containing formulation is used. It is believed to decrease under-eye puffiness and treat dark circles. It helps controls sebum secretion from the pores, therefore, an oily appearance of the face can be avoided. It is believed to act and go up to genetical expressions at skin cell level and designed in such a way that can target major problem areas of aging skin such as sagging and deep wrinkles by many cosmetic companies. It also forms a layer over the skin and protects it from environmental stimuli as well as preserves moisture within the skin. It is able to condition the skin to make it look better. It is used in anti-aging formulations, face and body care formulations.

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