INCI: Polysilicone-11

What is Polysilicone-11?

Polysilicone -11 is a synthetic cross-linked siloxane. It is formed via reacting vinyl terminated siloxane and methyl hydroxyl dimethyl siloxane. In physical form,  it is a clear, viscous liquid.

Use & Benefits:

Polysilicone-11 functions as a film-forming agent in cosmetic products. Silicones are unique in structure since they have spaces in between the molecules, which enables them to form a film on the surface of the skin when used topically. This film serves two purposes:  first, it allows the water molecules to attach to it and makes them available for the skin. Second, it protects the skin by not allowing irritating molecules to pass through. This film protects the skin from dehydrating by loss of moisture. This property is particularly helpful for dry to very dry skin. Properly moisturized skin is inevitable for healthier skin. Since if the skin is dry it can get irritated and redness even with the smallest amount of irritants. So when used in a product, it hydrates and conditions the skin. It is also known to reduce redness and itchiness from the skin. It gives a smooth and silky feel to the skin. It is used in formulations of sun care products, make-up, hair, and skincare products.

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