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INCI: Polyglyceryl 2 stearate

What is Polyglyceryl 2 stearate or Polyglyceryl monostearatet?

Polyglyceryl monostearate is an ester of stearic acid with diglycerine. It is also known as polyglyceryl 2 stearate. It is a liquid with a characteristic odor. Glycerine is used for many years in the making of cosmetic products. Stearic acid is a fatty acid found in animal fat and various plant-based oils. It has been used in cosmetics as an emulsifier for many years. 

Use & Benefits:

Polyglycerol monostearate is mainly used as an emulsifier and conditioning agent in many cosmetics products.  When a water-based vehicle and oil-based ingredients or vice versa have to be mixed, without an emulsifier those may remain separated. So, when an emulsifier is used it helps the dispersion of oil into water or water into oil in such a manner it looks uniform and remains stable. Polyglycerol monostearate has various -OH groups in structure, plus stearate can be considered a fat-loving molecule. Now, -OH group and some other groups in the molecule of diglycerine tend to hold water molecules along. This phenomenon is particularly helpful in the case of dry skin and hair. When a product containing polyglycerol monostearate is used, it helps to hold moisture and provides that moisture to the skin to get incorporated. This way it conditions the skin/ hair. 

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