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INCI: Polyglucuronic acid

What is Polyglucuronic acid?

Polyglucuronic acid is a polysaccharide consisting of glucuronic acid monomers. It occurs in many natural gums like Arabic, xanthan gum. It plays a vital role in the metabolism of microorganisms, plants, and animals. Glucuronic acid is a metabolized form of glucose, often found in the liver. 

Use & Benefits:

Polyglucuronic acid is an important precursor for the synthesis of laminin-5 and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture reservoir for the skin, it enhances the water retention capacity of the skin and keeps the skin moisturized.  Well-hydrated skin is least prone to any infections or inflammation. Also, polyglucuronic acid has many chemical groups such that can attract and attach water molecules to itself. So, when it is applied to the skin, it also stimulates the natural repairing of the skin and is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles formed due to aging. It moisturizes and conditions the skin. It is used in formulations of eye contours, moisturizers, and other skincare products.

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Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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