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INCI: Polybutene

What is Polybutene?

Polybutene is a polymer formed by polymerization of n-butane and isobutene. It is a light-colored, sticky, and non-drying liquid.  It can be viscous as per the length of the chain, an increase in chain length can increase its viscosity.

Use & Benefits:

Polybutene mainly functions as a binder and viscosity increasing agent in cosmetic products. As a binder, it helps to hold the ingredients together in a compressed product. When a compact cake-like structure has to be formed, the binder has to wet the mixture appropriately and at the same time, it should not dry out or evaporate.  So, polybutene is one such binder that is non-reactive and non-drying. It also adds gloss and viscosity control to the product. Appropriate viscosity is the key to semi-liquid or liquid products. It should be acceptable in usage that can allow to flow or come out by applying just enough pressure. Polybutene also has a natural tacky and sticky effect, which makes it useful as an adhesive.  It can also be used as an epilating agent maybe because of the sticky property.  Also, since the epilation process needs higher viscosity, polybutene has that kind of thickness. It finds its use in lipsticks, eye makeup, skin and hair care products.

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