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INCI: Poloxamer184

What is Poloxamer184?

Poloxamer 184 is a copolymer with a central oil-loving chain of polyoxypropylene and two side water-loving chains of polyoxyehtylene. The word poloxamer was first coined by its inventor Irving Schmolka. There are many different types of poloxamers. It dissolves in water and forms a gel. It has a special and unique characteristic of temperature-dependent gelling behavior. At low temperatures they are liquid and at higher temperatures, they become a gel.

Use & Benefits:

Poloxamer184 is used in cosmetic products as a surfactant, cleansing agent, and also as a solvent to solubilize different ingredients. As a surfactant lowers the surface tension between two components of the product like two liquids or a liquid and a solid.  So, there is more room for ingredients in the solvent plus it helps create foams in the solution/ suspension. As a cleansing agent, as mentioned earlier, it attracts dirt, oil, and other impurities accumulated on the surface of the skin from its oil-loving part and the water-loving part that can be washed off easily with water. It has various groups in its chemical structure, these groups help mingle the chemical groups of other ingredients very well, without creating any chemical upsets in the system. It is mild on the eyes and skin.  It finds its use in recipes of cleaning products, bath products, and other personal care products.


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