Piscum cartilage extract


INCI: Piscum cartilage extract

What is Piscum cartilage extract?

Fish and other marine organism are rich in collagen, and their side products like chitosan, chitin, etc. are also valuable. Collagen for cosmetic purposes is usually obtained from cold-water fish skin such as haddock, cod, and salmon; also fish scales are after some series of treatments can be used to extract the collagen. 

Use & Benefits

Collagens are used to impart excellent moisturization and instant nourishment to the skin. It is usually used in lotion and cream. It dramatically improves skin condition, very first thing by providing moisturization, and next it provides the missing nutrients/ amino acids to the skin, which otherwise diminish from the skin as we age. It is also believed to provide skin tightening and anti-aging effect. The marine resource of collagen is also cost-effective and sustainable. That is also another reason why it is a choice of ingredient. 

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