INCI: Piper methysticum extract

What is Piper methysticum extractt?

Kava-kava extract is an extract of leaves, stems and roots of the plant kawa- Piper methisticum. It is a crop of pacific basin countries. The word kava is used to name the plant as well as a beverage prepared from the plant. There are as such various active ingredients used in case of kava-kava medicinal effects, and there is as such no evidence but the same can be used on the skin to enhance skin metabolism.

Use & Benefits

It can be used as a skin conditioning agent. When applied on the skin it can form a layer on the surface of the skin.  This layer doesn’t let moisture evaporate from the skin and makes the skin hydrated. It is used mainly in skincare products, hair care products, hair dyes, and aftershave lotion.