Pichia Ferment Lysate Filtrate

Pichia Ferment Lysate Filtrate

INCI: Pichia Ferment Lysate Filtrate

What is Pichia Ferment Lysate Filtrate?

Filtered liquid derived from the fermentation of Pichia pastoris.

Pichia pastoris is a methylotrophic yeast.

An humectant, Skin condition agent and Skin protectant. 

Use & Benefits

Aids in skin moisture retention, during harsh weather conditions it can draw moisture towards the skin and prevent it from escaping. This proactive barrier gives the skin a soft smooth feel which in turn prevents skin flakes or dry patches due to loss of moisture which can lead to an impaired skin structure.

Can help improve signs of aging, and help with firming and restoring skin luster to give a more youthfull appearance and glow. This is achieved by restoring the DEJ, while also helping reduce inflammation.



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