INCI: Phytondione

What is Phytondione?

Phytondione or vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is made in organ liver in our body, also found in leafy greens brussels sprouts, broccoli, and some cereals. It plays a very important role in the clotting of blood. There are two types of vitamin K- K1 and K2. Out of these two Vitamin K1 has a significant role in cosmetics.

Use & Benefits:

Phytondione is used as medicine to treat many ailments like spider veins, stretch marks, bruises, and burns. It is also used to expedite healing of the skin after any surgery. In cosmetic products, it is used to reduce vascular conditions that develop due to aging. As we age the arteries and veins of our skin may become loose and start showing slight sag, however it is not visible to us. The sag under the eye partially is as a result of this engorgement. So, when any product containing phytondione is used it may help blood flow at a minute level under the eye, improve the skin tone, and may improve puffiness also.  It is known to reduce dark circles under the eyes, redness from the skin. It conditions the skin and makes it appear more youthful and rejuvenated. It is used in formulations of under eye creams and gels.

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