Phytic acid

Phytic acid

INCI: Phytic acid

What is Phytic acid?

Found in many plants that exhibit anti-oxidant qualities.
Phytic acid is an alpha(AHA) is derived from cereal seeds and bran of natural plants.

Use & Benefits

Because it’s an AHA, it provides moisture to the skin while also exfoliating it from deep within this is important for reducing wrinkles that extend in the underlying layers of the skin. Exfoliation will accelerate the skin's natural shedding processes revealing new fresh skin underneath. This new skin is smoother, softer, and less textured. Some facial peels may use Phytic Acid since it works similarly to glycolic acid and doesn’t need neutralization after the process making it better for some. Phytic acid can also be used to fade melasma and acne and acne marks.


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