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INCI: Phloretin

What is Phloretin?

Phloretin is a type of natural phenol, found in the leaves of the apple tree, Manchurian apricot, and many other fruits. It is a phytochemical precisely flavonoid, which has potent antioxidant properties. In physical form, it is available as a white powder with a sweet aroma. 

Use & Benefits:

Phloretin is known to function as a powerful anti-oxidant. When skin is exposed to the external environment, free radicals present in chemicals, pollutants, etc, may cause damage to the skin, by altering the chemical structure of the skin protein. As a result, new skin cells are formed but they are not healthy and may not form a very firm meshwork of the collagen. As a result dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Phloretin being an antioxidant reduces these aging effects from the skin and makes it soft, supple, and rejuvenated. Due to its polarity phloretin also enhance the effective penetration of products into deeper layers of the skin. It repairs the damage and gives a soothing and calming effect. When our skin is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, it may get damaged slowly. According to recent findings, along with vitamin C, phlorentin is used topically to provide a photoprotective effect.  It is used in the formulations of many skin and personal care products.

How to create your own Personalized Skincare with Lesielle?

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Step 3: Insert your base and up to four actives ingredients into your Lesielle device to produce a fresh single dose of face cream on demand when you need it.

Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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