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INCI: Persicaria hydropiper extract

What is Persicaria hydropiper extract?

Persicaria hydropiper extract is obtained from plant Persicaria hydropiper. It is commonly known as water-pepper/ Marsh pepper. It is an annual herb with tiny flowers. It is native to Australia, New Zealand, temperate Asia, Europe, and North America. It has a pungent flavor which makes it useful as a spice in culinary and 

also in medicine. The extract is obtained from the plant contains flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, and phenylpropanoids.

Use & Benefits:

Persicaria hydropiper extract, because of the presence of valuable constituents like flavonoids and sesquiterpenes can act as anti-oxidant. The skin when exposed to harmful sun-rays and environmental pollutants, free radicals are generated which may damage the skin protein and as a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots may start appearing sooner. As an anti-oxidant, it replaces itself with skin protein for free radicals. And this way it does not only protect the skin but also reverses the damage caused by free radicals gives skin its natural look back.  It also reduces redness, itchiness, and inflammation from the skin. It soothes the skin, relieving any underlying inflammation.  Its anti-bacterial property protects the skin from infections and other problems caused by bacteria tothe skin like acne and body odor. It also in turn protects the product from deterioration caused by microbial growth. It makes skin conditioned, soft, and healthy. It is used in formulations of creams, lotions, conditioners, and other hair care and skin care products.

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