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INCI: Pentasodium pentetate

What is Pentasodium pentetate?

Pentasodium pentetate is sodium salt of pentetic acid. Chemically speaking, Pentetic acid is an amino-carboxylic acid, meaning it has both the -NH2 and -COOH groups in its structure. It has a similar function to EDTA and that is to remove any unwanted hardness of the heavy metal salts from water/ product. It is available as a white colored solid with limited solubility in water.

Use & Benefits:

Pentasodium pentetate is widely used as a chelating agent in a wide range of cosmetic products. This chelating agent is nothing but it can replace the heavy metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, or copper from the product with less reactive ions. If those ions still remain in the product, they may form lumps in the product by reacting with different chemical groups, which can make the product unstable. So, when used, it gives stability to the product. It is known also to enhance the foaming and cleaning capacity of personal care products.  It also can dissolve these metals present in the product and prevents them from being deposited on the scalp, hair, and skin, which can further lead to their damage. It is used in formulations of hair dyes, bath products, cleansers, and other personal care products.

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