INCI: Pentadecalactone

What is Pentadecalactone?

Pentadecalactone is a macrocyclic lactone. If we look at the terminology, penta stands for five and deca stands for 10. It is responsible for the wonderful fragrance in many products around the market starting from bath soap to dryer sheets.  Chemically, it is one of the important pheromones produced by the apocrine glands present in armpits of males. Pheromones are chemicals produced to attract females, applicable to all females. It is also used as an additive in foods and many cosmetic products. Pentadecalactone has a sweet powdery woody or musky aroma.

Use & Benefits:

This makes it used as a fragrance in many cosmetic products. The smell is one of the major factors for creating customer-appeal, it is utmost necessary to mask disagreeable odor in any formulation. So, pentadecalactone also finds use as a masking agent to mask the undesirable smell of other components in the product, that is created when ingredients mixed or during the shelf life or usage, upon reacting with atmospheric oxygen. The masking agent makes the product uniform in fragrance throughout the shelf life or usage.  It is generally used in formulations of shower gels, bath products like soaps, body washes, after-shave, and some other skin and hair care products.

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