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INCI: PEG-80 Sorbitan laurate

What is PEG-80 Sorbitan laurate?

EG-80 Sorbitan laurate is a combination of polyethylene glycol and sorbitan laurate. Sorbitan laurate is formed from lauric acid and Sorbitan. Lauric acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid. A combination of PEG, glucose, and fatty acid makes a special molecule that is much more stable and provides satisfactory performance of any product throughout the usage.

Use & Benefits:

PEG-80 sorbitan laurate is used in many cosmetic products as a surfactant, emulsifying agent, cleansing agent, and solubilizing agent. PEG and sorbitan are mainly water-soluble and tends to attract more water molecules. Lauric acid as laurate is oil-loving, it penetrates the skin more readily. When a molecule containing all these three is formed, it is known to reduce surface tension between different ingredients and help to form a stable and homogenous mixture of different ingredients in a product. It helps stabilize water and oil-based molecules mix thoroughly. Dead skin cells, dead bacteria, etc, get clung to the surface of the skin and often make it look dull. When a surfactant is used in the formulation, the oil-loving molecule, binds itself to these dead skin cells/bacteria/dust and extracts them from the skin surface to water and helps get washed away with water. It makes skin clean and free from dirt and may protect the skin from infections like acne. It is used in formulations of cleansing products, bath products, and other hair care and skincare products.


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