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INCI: Pantothenic acid

What is Pantothenic acid?

Pantothenic acid is also called vitamin B5. It is a water-soluble vitamin, an essential nutrient required for many processes in the body. Its name is derived from the Greek word pantothen, meaning ‘from everywhere’. It is found naturally in cereals, fish, egg yolk, dried mushrooms, and liver.  It is also important for the synthesis of coenzyme A required for many processes in the body. It is available in various forms, as inorganic salts of pantothenic acid for example calcium pantothenate; panthenol, and when two molecules of pantothenic acid are combined, it results in a molecule called pantethine.

Use & Benefits:

Pantothenic acid, is a vitamin, nourishes the skin. It has an additional advantage of easy penetration into the skin. It is mainly used as a moisturizer in any product. It penetrates deep layers of the skin and improves its water retention capacity. It hydrates the skin forming a strong barrier to prevent the water loss, it does not let moisture escape from the skin. Well-hydrated skin looks and feels healthy and gives a firmness to the skin. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines formed on the skin. It also has good wound healing capacity by regeneration of fibroblast required for the synthesis of collagen. It also has shown the ability to reduce redness around the wound. Pantethine is generally used as a conditioning agent in cosmetic products. Pantothenic acid is used in formulations of creams, lotions, moisturizers, lipsticks, mascara, and other skincare products. 

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