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INCI: Panthenol

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid. It is also called provitamin B5. It is one such ingredient that is claimed to be all naturally derived. It is usually derived from Vitamin B5. In the human body, it forms a part of “coenzyme –A”, which is required for many important metabolic processes in the body. When applied it penetrates deep within the layers of the skin and stimulates epithelization. Meaning, it helps skin grow newer and healthier cells since it also has nutritive value. It is a clear, viscous liquid with a no or faint odor, soluble in water.

Use & Benefits:

Panthenol or provitamin B5 is a nutrient as well. As we age, our stores of vitamins and minerals decline. Now, when such a Vitamin is applied externally, it readily nourishes the skin or hair and helps them to deal with age-related changes. It also helps in the healing of wounds and reduces inflammation. It contains -OH group or alcohol group in its structure, so, it attracts water molecules. This particular property is helpful since it increases water retention capacity, prevents water loss from hair and skin. It improves the dry and cracked skin/hair quality and makes them look healthy. It improves the sheen and luster of hair and prevents its damage. It stabilizes any product as well since it can be used as an emulsifier. It is used in products like creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and other personal care products.

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