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INCI: Padina pavonica thallus extract

What is Padina pavonica thallus extract?

Padina pavonica extract is obtained from Padina pavonica, brown algae commonly known as Peacock’s tail. It is found in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a kind of seaweed that grows up to 10cm in diameter. The thallus is used to get the extract which is used in some of the cosmetic products. It contains polyphenols, polysaccharides, lipids, sterols, and fibers. The thallus extract is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, polysaccharides, and terpenoids.

Use & Benefits:

Padina pavonica thallus extract, similar to other algae, is rich in nutrients that can refresh and replenish skin from various minerals and vitamins. When used in any product polysaccharide part of the constituents help the skin gets moisturized. The polyphenols which are found in the extract are antioxidants, they help protect skin from environmental damaging free radicals as well as damaging reactive actions of oxygen. So, when it is used in a product meant for skincare, it can heal the already damaged skin. Lipid and sterols help skin condition and provide enough fat content that does not allow the skin to become dry and cracked.  Also, they moisturize the skin and make it feel soft, supple, firm with improved elasticity.  It is used in the formulations of many skincare products.


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