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This bundle is the simplest way to start with the adaptive skincare system. Add it to the cart, and one of our skincare experts will contact you to personalize together your treatment. If you already know your base and actives refills, you can choose them using the text box.

This bundle includes:

- A "Lesielle 2" Device

- 1 Base + 4 Active refills

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Product Details

New Lesielle 2

Smart. More personalized. More Adaptive.

The World's Most Advanced Skincare System

7 Years



International Patents

45  Seconds

To create your skincare



Easy set up + Onboarding

Start with a touch.

The New Lesielle 2, is equipped with NFC technology, making connecting with your device as simple as a touch. Don't you have a NFC? No problem, connect manually using your Bluetooth.

When connecting for the first time, the system will guide you through the onboarding tutorial so you get the most out of your new system, even without any skincare knowledge.

When daily using the device this simple gesture opens the app and apply your personal settings.

One Device:
+1Million Formulas

The Lesielle S skin care device is your all-in-one skincare savior. The first device to let you produce fresh skin care products on demand, Lesielle S is a simple and minimalist solution to your skin’s evolving needs. 

Take control of your skincare with a device that’s as easy to use as it is effective. Discover and create the combination your skin’s been asking for, and adapt it any time. 

The first Adaptive skincare system

Adapt your skincare with a simple swap

With Lesielle changing your formula takes 5 seconds. Simply remove and insert the Base or active of your choice.


Highly stable connection protocols


Connect and identify yourself with just a touch


Charge it as any other Smartphone


Each device can support up to 4 users

How does it work?

step by step

Insert your moisturizing base

Use a Base to personalize your moisturization. Choose between 4 levels of moisturization according to your skin type.

Load up to four actives

Combine up to 4 different active ingredients to create your personalized treatment.

Push the button, and Enjoy. Adapt the formula when necessary.

Push the button to create a freshly personalized skincare in only 45 seconds.

Beyond Personalization:

The World's 1st Smart and Adaptive skincare system

The App makes your device smart

Get advice, design, track and create you perfect formula.

Your skincare is not a static formula anymore.

Now you can Design, analyze results, and improve your formula with the most advanced personalized skincare system.

Use the app to design a custom treatment. You can also select the amount of cream you prefer and the potency (amount of actives used) and even see its benefits in real-time in a visual interface.

The app will send you notifications with suggestions to improve your formula based on the weather and your feedback. You can also chat with our AI assistant and solve any doubt you may have on how to achieve your goals.

*Gradually available during 2024 

Get professional-level results by activating the "Protocol Mode". In this mode, the App will guide you step by step and daily on a professional routine to achieve your goals.

Tracking your personalized formulas and the way you use them, will help you better understand your unique skin, and how to improve it.

New options of personalization

Amount of cream and Treatment potency

You asked for it, and Lesielle delivered.

The new Lesielle 2 incorporates one of the most requested features by our clients. Equipped with a new and more precise injection system, you can now select the amount of cream that you prefer.

Not only that but now you will also be able to increase the injection of active ingredients. In other words, now you can select the potency of your treatment.

Superior Hygiene, 
with (Ag+) Ions

Traditional skincare is often contaminated when the fingers touch the cream. Airless bottles improve this by reducing the contact area. Now, Lesielle brings a new level of hygiene, completely separating your fingers from the original skincare source and using antibacterial material for its surfaces. Also, it is super easy to wash!


Share it!

Now, you can share your device more easily than ever.

Simply Tap with your phone or connect with the App to automatically apply your settings.

New vs Original

Lesielle 2

Our new device. +150 improvements and App connection.

Smart: App conection


Amount of cream and Potency


Antibacterial materials


Noise Level

Very Low


Bluetooth + NFC + Usb-C

Ease of use & User experience


(+150 total improvements)



(Delivery January 2024)

Lesielle 1

The original device

Smart: App conection


Amount of cream and Potency


Antibacterial materials


Noise Level




User experience & Ease of use




Until stock last

Internationally Awarded & Supported.

One of the greatest cosmetic innovations of the last 50 years.

Awarded the prestigious prize "The Best of The Best" in the International Cosmetics Awards Cosmoprof Awards, the "Oscar of the Cosmetics".

Internationally recognized & supported by top institutions and organizations.

Risk-Free Trial

Free Shipping
Free Returns

30 days trial.
Full refund if not satisfied

10 Years Warranty
in your Device

How can we help?

Yes, you will be able to share the device with as many people as you want, you will only need to change the base or assets depending on the personalization that each one needs.

The device has a lithium battery that allows wireless operation for up to 30 days. 

It can be recharged using a standard micro-USB cable, the most common cable used to charge cell phones.

With a full charge, the battery will last from 3 to 5 weeks depending on the use you make of it and depending on the environment (cold or extreme heat usually reduce the duration).

The Lesielle S device is a very compact device as it is not much taller than an average cell phone. Its exact measurements are: 17cm high x 10cm wide x 8cm deep (10.6 including the cream collection area).

Its weight is 830g, which ensures good stability without sacrificing portability.

If used on a daily basis, it is recommended to clean the mixing tank every 7 days with warm water and soap. If you prefer, you can also clean it in the dishwasher.

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100% Guaranteed

Get started with a Free-risk money back guarantee

Take our personalized skincare quiz to discover the Base and Actives you need to create your perfect skincare treatment.

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The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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