Starter packs and Bundles. Perfect as a gift or to start creating your personalized skincare with just one click.

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Save in your refills with this bundle that includes: 1 Base 4 Actives Save even more by selecting the auto-refill option. Tell us your base and actives selection using the form. Leave it blank if you prefer one of...
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Icons of the lesielle custom skin care system

Complete your custom skin care system

Moisturize, nourish, and condition your skin with premium oils and humectants. Choose a base that best matches to your skin type and desired  moisturization level

Customize your treatment and target specific concerns. Lesielle refills contain up to 10x the highest concentrated active ingredients powered by Isolated Formulation ™ and protected by airless technology.

Get personalized skincare at the touch of a button. Place the base and up to 4 actives in your device and make a fresh dose of face cream when you need it!


Don't you know what Base and Actives you need?

Do not worry. Take our skin quiz.

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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