Our system

Your skin care routine should adapt to your skin’s needs and your goals, not the other way around

At Lesielle, we think of skin as a state

That's why we created the first skin care system combining scientific expertise with innovative technology to let you create fresh creams adapted to any state of skin.

Fresh, bespoke skincare

The secret to achieving your skin care goals is recognizing the changes in your skin, and responding with the ingredients that it needs. That’s why Lesielle helps you create perfect product combinations, and turn them into freshly mixed creams.

Technological innovation

Our test use an advanced algorithm to make personalized recommendations for the ingredients your skin needs, and the Lesielle S skin care device mixes those bases and actives to optimally create the most effective cream in real-time.

Scientifically-proven ingredients

Our formula is based on recognized ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. Our system is designed to enhance the effect of each and every one, virtually eliminating degradation by combining actives only at the moment of use.

Introducing the
lesielle system

Our system brings together four elements which work in combination to produce perfectly adaptive skin care.

Get the right hydration for your skin type, tailored to your texture and ingredient preferences, plus options for sun protection and sensitive skin.

Get the exact ingredients to meet your goals. We use Isolated Formulation™ to create higher concentration actives that stay fresh longer.

Put your base and up to four actives into the Lesielle S skin care device and—at the touch of a button—receive the optimal amount of your personalized cream.

Get insights and recommendations from our app throughout your skin care journey. Think of it as your personal beauty coach. 

Smarter skincare, just for you

Unlike pre-mixed skin care products, Lesielle lets you give your skin exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Plus, Isolated Formulation™ gives you the power to create previously impossible combinations of actives.

The weather, the season, your behavior, your environment, even the time of day... It all affects your skin. Lesielle makes it easy to change your formula at any time to address new challenges as they arise.

When it comes to skin care, how much you use is just as important as what you use. The Lesielle S skin care device gives you every ingredient you need, all contained in an optimal quantity of a single cream.

Everything we do, from Isolated Formulation™ to the Lesielle S skin care device’s design, works to give you optimally combined and freshly made creams composed of ingredients that maintain their efficacy longer.

Cleaner ingredients, zero toxins, healthier skin.

Give your skin what it needs

Those bottles with lots of ingredients that only sometimes kind of work? They're out. Lesielle ets you create creams that target your specific needs. When those needs change, simply change your formula—in seconds. Not sure what you need? Our AI-powered test tells you exactly what your skin's asking for.

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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