Our Formula

Using scientific advances to create next generation bespoke skincare

Major advancements in skin care

We formulate our bases and actives according to established dermatological science, ensuring that they work together effectively to support healthy skin. 

Through our Isolated Formulation™ technique, we are able to offer actives in higher concentrations that stay fresh longer. Our bases are not only tailored to the specific requirements of each skin type, they also match and maintain the natural acidity of your skin in order to protect your epidermal microbiome. 


Isolated Formulation™: more pure, more powerful

Our innovative Isolated Formulation™ process allows us to formulate actives in their ideal medium, preserving their stability and efficacy. This technique ensures that you get the most out of your ingredients at every moment of use.

By keeping actives separate until the moment of use, we are able to provide higher concentrations without the risk of ingredients destabalizing one another.

Lesielle allows you to create new combination possibilities of actives which are not possible in pre-mixed products by only combining ingredients at the moment of use.

Isolated Formulation™ allows for each active to be optimized for maximum skin absorption, improving efficacy.

Special packaging allows us to protect actives from contact with the air and contamination. This improves conservation and reduces the need for preservatives, all of which makes our actives more effective.


Formulated for your skin’s health

We’ve created a range of bases targetted to each skin type, including options for people with sensitive skin. Our bases are not only cruelty-free, they’re also crafted with the utmost respect for your skin. Each base has a pH of 4.7 which mirrors the natural acidity of your skin, allowing your epidermal microbiome to thrive and keeping your skin healthy.

Most products targetting sensitive skin don’t take into account your skin type. We’ve fixed that, by offering a sensitive skin version of every base in our range.

We offer each of our bases with optional sun protection, allowing you to customize according to the season or time of day.

Perfumes often contain potential allergens, and can also lead skin care products to be perceived as gender-specific. We believe everyone should have access to great skin care, and that’s why we’ve completely eliminated perfumes from our formula. 

All Lesielle bases are formulated to match the authentic pH of your skin. This supports the good bacterial flora that protect your skin and keep it healthy. 

Cleaner ingredients, zero toxins, healthier skin.

Clean beauty, toxin-free

Made in Europe

Cruelty-free ingredients

Dermatologically tested

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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