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INCI: Oryza sativa cera

What is Oryza sativa cera?

Oryza sativa cera is a type of wax obtained from the plant Oryza sativa. It is commonly called rice. It is a native of temperate East Asia and Southeast Asian countries. It is a predominant staple diet throughout the world. The rice is used in cosmetics for its major three forms: The wax, The bran oil, and Oryzanol. Wax is the sticky portion in special sticky rice mostly found in Asian rice. Look at the diagram to see what is rice bran. The oil and the wax are obtained from bran after a series of processes of extraction, distillation, and refining. The wax consists of aliphatic esters and other alcohol esters; The main constituents of the oil are fatty acids, squalene, and ferulic acid; and Oryzanol is fatty alcohol obtained from the bran of the plant, it contains phytosteryl ferulate mixture.

Use & Benefits:

Oryza sativa cera is an excellent emollient. It keeps skin moisturizes and lubricated. It also protects the skin from dehydrating and drying by reducing the loss of moisture from the skin. The wax is processed into small white beads. These beads are excellent, natural, non-scratchy, and gentle exfoliant. It helps in the removal of old, dead cells from the surface of the skin. It creates a smooth texture on the skin. It is also used to enhance the texture of the product, giving it stability and maintain its function or activity on the skin. It is also used to condition hair and give it a silky, lustrous look. It is used in formulations of creams, lotions, conditioners, and other skin and hair care products.
Researches have shown that oryzanol exhibits anti-oxidant properties. It aids in the destruction of free radicals, reducing wrinkles and fine lines formed on the skin. It also protects the lipids in the skin from oxidation, slowdown the hyperpigmentation on the skin due to exposure to harmful UV radiation. It makes skin even-toned, conditioned, and healthy.
The main function of Bran oil is an emollient. It maintains softness, suppleness, and radiance of the skin and hair. It treats dandruff in hair, enhances scalp health. It revives hair by promoting the growth of thicker, longer, and stronger hair. It also moisturizes the skin, reduces water loss, and keeps it rehydrated. It nourishes the skin, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles formed due to aging. It increases the natural regeneration of the skin. It gets deeply absorbed in the skin giving it supple, silky, and radiant effect. It is used in formulations of shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, and other skin and hair care products.


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