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INCI: Origanum majorana leaf extract

What is Origanum majorana leaf extract?

Marjoram, also known as sweet marjoram, is a perennial herb with sweet pine and citrus flavors. It is native of Cyprus and Southern Turkey, now grown in many other parts of the world. It is mainly cultivated for its aromatic leaves. The flowering leaves and tops of marjoram plants are steam distilled to extract the essential oil. It is yellowish in color which darkens to brown colored extract on aging. This oil contains components like camphor, borneol and pinene.

Use & Benefits:

Marjoram oil has an excellent aroma and also believed to have hair darkening qualities. It also has calming and soothing effects. So, it is used in aromatherapy as well. It is naturally high in antioxidants and helps in reducing damage caused by free radicals formed in cells due to exposure to toxins and pollutants from the environment. It may help in deep cleaning of the skin, get rid of a pore of impurities and toxins leaving a refreshed complexion on the skin. It is mainly used in formulations of many shampoos, perfumes and fragrances, skin and hair care products.

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Icons of the lesielle custom skin care system

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Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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