INCI: Nylon-12

What is Nylon-12?

Nylon-12 also known as PA-12 or polyamide-12, is a polymer. A polymer is one which is made up of repetitive units called monomers. Nylon-12 is made up of amino lauric acid monomers linked by amide bonds. Number 12 stands for 12 carbon atoms contained by each monomer. It has a wide variety of uses like in clothing, covering electronic cables, in the automobile industry, etc. It comes as a white, fine odorless powder.

Use & Benefits:

Nylon-12 is used in cosmetic products mainly as a bulking agent. For certain potent active ingredients, for handling it well and deliver it in a measured amount it is necessary to use the bulking agent and a bulking agent should be non-reactive. Nylon-12 has both qualities, 1st it is non-reactive and second, it has good absorption capacity and can be used as a bulking agent. It provides a soft texture and good spreadability to any product. It also gives a clear or transparent appearance to cosmetics, which is important in filling in the minor skin wrinkles and pores. So, it is used to hide out blemishes of the skin. It also reduces shine and gives a smooth, silky appearance to the skin. It is used in formulations of body and hand creams, eye makeup, lipsticks, and other skincare products.





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